Join the Colwich Volunteer Fire Department

It takes a special person to fill the boots of a volunteer firefighter.  It takes someone with a desire to do something important for the community; someone with courage and dedication, who is not afraid of hard work, and is willing the accept the challenge of a difficult job.  If you are this kind of person, the City of Colwich Volunteer Fire Department needs you!  Click here to apply

These are expectations of the Fire Chief and citizens of the City of Colwich for members of the Fire Department:
-Understand that firefighting involves certain risks.  Part of minimizing these risks involves receiving the proper initial training and maintaining skills through participation in bi-monthly drills.  
-Understand that initial training will be provided by the City of Colwich at no cost.  
-Understand that it is your responsibility to other firefighters and members of the public to maintain these skills by attending drill sessions.  
-Understand that volunteering for this position involves providing an essential service to the public, and you agree to respond to all emergencies that you are available for.  
-Understand the City does not expect me to respond when it creates as hardship for my employer, extreme hardship on my family, or when I am not physically capable of doing so.  

Colwich Fire Department
116 N. 3rd Street
PO Box 158
Colwich, KS 67030-0158