Utility Rates

Water base: $27.50/month 
Usage $6.50/1,000 gal 
Protect $0.03/1,000 gal 
Sewer base $16.00/mo. Usage $1.00/1,000 gal (includes 2,000 gal/mo.) 
**Prices subject to change without notice. **

Trash service: 
65 Gallon Cart (no extra bags picked up)
with Recycling $16.77/month
without Recycling $12.00/month

95 Gallon Cart (up to 5 extra bags each week)
with Recycling $18.90/month
without Recycling $14.12/month

Extra Trash Cart $5.30/month
Extra Recycling Cart $4.77/month

If you are experiencing financial hardship, click here to see a list of possible assistance resources in the area.